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Pezé Café

Pezé Café

Embodying this culture is "Pezé Café," a popular folk-song.  A loose translation of this 100 year old Kreyol hymn is that the song tells the story of a child, sent to weigh, or buy, coffee for his family. 
On his return home, by some awful luck, he gets arrested.  As they carry him (and his coffee) away, he wails "what am I going to do...what will I tell my mother about the coffee?"  

The boy was more concerned with the status of his coffee than his arrest!  It speaks to this beautiful tradition that Haitians continues to carry with them, not only through coffee, but throughout their entire culture.

Peze Kafé is a Haitian Music standard that has been covered countless times over the decades. 

This version features updated lyrics that expands on the traditional story of son being sent out to fetch coffee and being wrongfully arrested by the police. 

Music legend Boulo Valcourt starts the traditional verses with his son Steeve adding rap and Jonas adding new depth to the story. 
This is "Lakou Mizik" bringing generations together to re-imagine and update these classic songs - paying homage to traditions while celebrating Haiti's continued cultural strength.

Drakensberg Boys Choir

Peze Kafe, as performed by the Drakensberg Boys Choir on Wednesday 9 March. 
The piece is a Haiti Folk Song and is performed during our second half in concerts.

Pezé Café

Manman m voye m peze kafe o
An arivan mwen sou potay
Men youn jandam arete m
Woy sa ma di lakay lè m arive mezanmi
Sa ma di lakay lè m arive

Mother sends me to the market to sell coffee.
The police stop me, they take my coffee.
Oh, what shall I say when I get home?


Man-man m vo-yem peze kafe-o 

an arivan mwen sou potay 
men youn jandam arete'm.
men youn jandam arete'm.

sa ma di la-kay lem a-ri-ve 
sa ma di la-kay lem a-ri-ve.

Man-manm voyem sou potay pou m ale peze kafe
Man-man m vo-yem sou po-tay pou m a-le pe-ze ka-fe

Peze Kafe
New Mexico State Choir

Six time New Mexico State AAAA Choir Champions Piedra Vista High School Choir performs Peze Kafe'. 
Directed by Virginia Nickels-Hircock and accompanied by Robyn Woodard.
Chapel Choir
"Peze Kafè"

Capital University Presents:
The Chapel Choir
"Peze Kafè"
A traditional Haitian folk song
Arr. by Sten Källman
Fall Homecoming Concert

October 5, 2012

Creole Choir of Cuba

Live on BBC Radio London
with DJ Ritu - Peze Café


 The Creole Choir of Cuba "Peze Café" en live sur Mange Disques
  from Romain Dufrene on Vimeo.
Creole Choir of Cuba 
Live on BBC Radio London with DJ Ritu - 
Peze Café

Creole Choir of Cuba 
"Peze Café"
The Creole Choir of Cuba "Peze Café"