Thursday, December 22, 2016

How to Make Kremas (Cremas)

How to Make Kremas
In this video we do not use coconut milk from a can instead we made our own coconut milk. If you would like to be reassured that we made the coconut milk and not just poured water in our Kremas here is a link on how to make coconut milk.

People make Kremas differently. 
She used water to make the coconut milk. That IS how coconut milk is made. if you guys want it thicker, you are more welcome to add more condense milk. 
The sugar, coconut and condense milk are sweet. There are some people who don't like food items that are too sweet. 
You are free to add some sugar if you want. 
All in all, great job doing the video. 

Make cremas use grain alcohol, lime zest, and Haitian almond extract and a pinch of nut meg shavings.

Don't pay attention to what others have to say, ESPECIALLY if they don't have their own videos to back it up. I like watching your videos.
  1. -Coconut cream
  2. -Evaporated milk
  3. -Condensed milk
  4. -Rum(we used Barboncourt rhum)
  5. -Cinnamon
  6. -Nutmeg
  7. -Vanilla extract
  8. -Lemon Zest

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