Monday, October 10, 2016

Hurricane Matthew hits Les Cayes

Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti
Pléiades captures the devastation
Les Cayes

On 4th October,  the eye of Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful hurricane on record in almost a decade, slowly crossed the south-west of Haiti. Les Cayes, the country's third-largest city, was particularly hard hit. Classed as category four (out of five), Hurricane Matthew ripped up trees and destroyed many buildings. The damage can be seen on the Pléiades satellite images acquired on 7 October 2016 compared to archive image ry from 2015.

The International Charter - Space and Major Disasters activated the programming of several satellites over the many sites in Haiti, as well as  Florida and the East Coast of America. Maps of the hurricane's impact were sent to relief organisations and to the authorities of the stricken countries.

to see 
Les Cayes

Church and market in Les Cayes, Haiti

Western tip of Les Cayes, Haiti


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