Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Haitian Teen Brothers Build Electronic Toy Trucks Out of Trash

These Teen Brothers in Haiti.
Build Electronic Toy Trucks out of Trash


2 Haitian Teen Brothers Build Electronic Toy Trucks Out of Trash

by Kenold Beauplan September 18, 2016

Wens and Adlin Dimanche are teen inventors in Haiti who build electronic toy trucks out of trash. They started making the trucks after their parents couldn’t afford to buy them any.

“When I was a little kid I used to ask my father for a toy truck, be he couldn’t afford it,” said Adlin, 13. “One day they were working on the road in front of our house with a loader truck. We watched the movements carefully and deiced we were going to create one,” he added.


The brothers are self-taught using creativity and imagination as their guide. Electronic boards are taken from broken boomboxes and empty plastic jugs are used for the truck’s bodies while motors from discarded radios bring them to life.

“I broke down a radio and took the little motors. I connected the power one way, it turned left, and when I connected the power the other way, it turned right. I made connections with wires so the loader could go up and down,” said Wens, 15.

The Dimanche brothers also made a remote control they created with boxes and used four wires to make the connections and create buttons. “Then I assigned the buttons from the right to go left, and the one from the left to go right,” said Wens.

Wens and Adlin attend private school. Their mom’s job as a street vendor pays for it. Wens said he would like to study aboard, to learn how to do electronic toy trucks better, bigger and properly.




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  1. These children are Amazing. I wonder what else they can build and if they can teach their friends to build also. I'd like to send them electronic parts and even a laptop to see what they come up with next. They need a small warehouse I bet people around the world would buy these trucks from them as art. They should start signing them or put a logo on their stuff- my IG is @quanzillions if they dm me one of my art friends or myself would gladly design a logo for these two brothers for free based on whatever idea they want