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Choucoune * Ti Zwezo * Yellow Bird

Choukoun - Ti Zwezo

The group Desandann did not sing all the lyrics, they just song one verse and one version of the chorus, however they did a MARVELOUS job.
 - aidnul

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Choukoun - Ti Zwezo         Little Bird
Ti zwazo nan bwa ki t'ape koute Litte bird in the woods 
Ti zwezo nan bwa ki t'ape koute that was listening
Le mwen sonje sa When I remembered that
Mwen genyen lapenn I had sorrow
Ka depi jou sa Because since that day
De pye mwen nan chenn Both my feet were chained
Choukoun se yon marabou Choukoun is a beautiful woman
Je li klere kou chandèl Her eyes shine like candles
Li genyen tete debou She has perky breasts
A si Choukoun te fidèl Ah, only if Choukoun was faithful
A si Choukoun te fidèl Ah, only if Choukoun was faithful
Nou rete koze lontan We stayed and talked for a long time

The track by Desandann is available on Amazon if you want to buy it.

(Créole haïtien: Choukoun) est une chanson haïtienne du XIXe siècle composée par Michel Mauléart Monton sur un poème de Oswald Durand.

« Choucoune » (1883), poème lyrique louant la beauté d'une haïtienne de ce nom est une des œuvres les plus célèbres de Oswald Durand.
Michel Mauleart Monton - pianiste américain né d'un père haïtien et d'une mère américaine - composa la musique pour ce poème en 1893, s'appropriant quelques fragments français et des Caraïbes pour créer la mélodie.
La Choucoune fut créée à Port-au-Prince le 14 mai 1893.
La chanson est devenue une lente méringue (mereng), populaire en Haïti et a été abondamment mise en valeur pendant les célébrations du bicentenaire de Port-au-Prince en 1949.

La version en anglais de « Choucoune » (Yellow Bird) est d'abord parue sur l'album Calypso Holiday 1957 par la chorale de Norman Luboff (en).
Celui-ci avait arrangé la chanson dans le style calypso qui était devenu populaire dans le monde anglophone au milieu des années 1950.

Les paroles de "Yellow Bird" par Alan et Marilyn Bergman n'ont aucun lien avec le récit du poème de Oswald Durand si ce n'est que ce poème comportant les mots « ti zwazo » (petits oiseaux) dans son refrain, la chanson originale haïtienne est parfois appelée « Ti Zwazo » ou « Ti Zwezo ».

"Choucoune" (Haitian Creole: Choukoun) is a 19th century Haitian song composed by Michel Mauleart Monton with lyrics from a poem by Oswald Durand. It was rewritten with English lyrics in the 20th century as "Yellow Bird."

One of Oswald Durand's most famous works is the 1883 "Choucoune," a lyrical poem praising the beauty of a Haitian woman of that nickname. Michel Mauleart Monton, an American-born pianist with a Haitian father and an American mother, composed music for the poem in 1893 appropriating some French and Caribbean fragments to create his tune; the musical piece "Choucoune" was first performed in Port-au-Prince on 14 May 14 1893. The song became a popular slow méringue (mereng) song in Haiti and was prominently showcased during the bicentennial celebrations of Port-au-Prince in 1949.
Yellow Bird
The English rendering of "Choucoune": "Yellow Bird", first appeared on the album Calypso Holiday, a 1957 release by the Norman Luboff Choir, Norman Luboff having arranged the song in the calypso style which had become popular in the English speaking world in the mid-1950s. 

The lyrics for "Yellow Bird" by Alan and Marilyn Bergman have no connection with the narrative of the Durand poem other than that poem featuring the words "ti zwazo" (little birds) in its refrain on which account the original Haitian song is sometimes called "Ti Zwazo" or "Ti Zwezo". 
Yellow Bird -Lyrics
The song became a minor hit at #70 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the Mills Brothers in 1959; its most successful incarnation came in the summer of 1961 when the Arthur Lyman Group reached #4 with their Hawaiian flavored instrumental version which bested a rival instrumental single release by Lawrence Welk (#61).

"Yellow Bird" has also been recorded by Keely Smith, Roger Whitaker, Roger Williams, and Paul Clayton. The song continues to be popularly associated with calypso and the Caribbean and is often performed by steelpan bands but some versions, such as Chris Isaak's from Baja Sessions, evidence a Hawaiian flavor.

Chris Isaak - Yellow Bird
"Yellow Bird" was sung by Vivian Vance on a two-part Here's Lucy episode, "Lucy Goes Hawaiian," which aired February 15 and Feb. 22, 1971. Vance sang it in a high falsetto, with a calypso beat, dressed in yellow and sprouting feathers like a canary (including a long tail feather) perched on a swing decorated as a nest, that lowered her in the beginning of the song and lifted her at the end. A long spoken-word mid-section features Vance riffing on the types of male birds she'd like to hook up with. 

Vivian Vance - Yellow Bird

The 23 October 1989 broadcast of the CBS TV series Murphy Brown entitled "Miles Big Adventure" ends with guest star Yeardley Smith serenading her unwilling object of desire Miles Silverberg with a snippet of "Yellow Bird".

Issa El Saieh - Choucoune

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